Welcome to Global Innovia Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Global Innovia Pvt. Ltd. (a unit of Access India Group), is an innovative and exciting initiative, started by young and dynamic professionals with years of corporate experience behind them. Our vision is to be a world class training service provider delivering quality learning services designed to build key competencies. We aim to partner with our clients in their journey towards growth and excellence. We work with our esteemed clients using globally validated training solutions that continue beyond classrooms. Our main lines of business are

  • LearningKart
  • Corporate Training Solution
  • E-Learning Solution
  • Employability
  • Video Based Training Solution

We are a one stop training solutions organisation.


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      Service Excellence

      As the saying goes, ‘Customer is the King!’, so indeed it is important to keep customers happy and keep their expectations in mind at every stage of planning and execution in an organization. It is crucial for an organization to develop techniques to identify their customers and maintain the quality of products and services. In this workshop, participants will be taught how to make changes in policies and decisions so that the focus is on the customers.

  • 02

      Channel Management Solutions

      Channel management is crucial for any organization that is involved in the field of selling products/services. This workshop will help the participants in understanding how different mutually supporting organizations work together in the process of distribution of products/services. They will learn about the different types of distribution systems. They will also be able to understand more about relationship with the partners, areas of conflicts in channel and how to effectively master the art of channel management.

  • 03

      Time Management

      How does one accomplish the desired goals and targets in a scenario where time is limited but the list of things to do seem to be endless? Time management is crucial for efficiency and productivity in any organization and is in fact, the need of the hour. This workshop will teach participants how to manage their time effectively so that their productivity would increase manifold and they deliver the desired results in an efficient and effective manner.

  • 04

      Leadership Solutions

      Leadership remains today one of the most spoken about and crucial components for the success of any team or organization. Keeping in mind the dynamic global environment our Leadership Programs are designed to transform normal managers into effective leaders. The programs are customized to the requirement of organizations. They provide excellent insight and tools to help identify existing leadership styles and develop the key leadership skills required to succeed in any work environment. The programs are stimulating and highly interactive in its design.

  • 05

      Selling Skills

      Years of experience in an ever changing market place have helped us develop robust sales modules that cover not only the key concepts but also focuses on building the skills through activities, case studies and role play simulation exercises. We customize our workshops as per the client organization needs. The programs are engaging and productive in its design and provide a detailed insight into every aspect of sales. Negotiation Skills and Key Account Management are some of the other programs we offer.

  • 06

      Rhythm of Change

      Change is the only constant in life and one has to keep himself updated with the change around them to remain on top. Any organization needs to constantly learn and relearn, so that it evolves as a learning organization that is buzzing and growing with the needs of the day. This workshop will help the participants to understand the importance of change and the need to be open to change. Participants will also learn about the importance of core values and the challenges of change. After this workshop, participants will be able to effectively embrace change and help the organization develop in a positive manner.